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Soothe & relax sore feet with calming lavender scent & moist heat. Use on their own or indulge further by liberally applying lotion to your feet, insert first into a plastic bag and then into our warm Footies. A relaxing spa treatment at home! Heat in the microwave for 1 minute or tumble dryer; or chill in the freezer! The ultra-soft covers can be removed and thrown into the wash. One size fits all up to ladies size 10. They are swoon worthy for your feet! 

Sonoma Lavender Spa Footies

  • Sonoma Lavender was created over 20 years ago by Rebecca and Gary Rosenberg on a lush lavender farm nestled in the Sonoma Valley which lies between the Mayacamus Mountains in the east and the Sonoma Mountains in the west. This is northern California's famous wine country, ideally situated to grow rich fragrant lavender. Rebecca realized that lavender is truly like magic, “You can make so much. It repels insects. It heals the skin. It relaxes the muscles. It helps you sleep.”

    Sonoma Lavender is about the enjoyment and benefit of treating yourself to a little luxury. Our mission is to bring the relaxation experience of the Spa to your home with our handcrafted products. We believe that finding time for a little indulgence and relaxation is a vital part of personal wellness. Our promise is to provide pure, genuine and authentic ingredients in our products which will stimulate the senses and improve personal wellness.