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Do you have a loved and special vintage piece of glass that you'd like to have transformed into a candle? We offer that! The first step is to send us photos of the glass so we can make sure it's fit to be a candle. This fill price is good for up to 1.5 lbs. of soy wax. Don’t make the purchase until we confirm we can do this for you.

Karma Candles will also let you know how much return shipping will be. Put your vintage container into a box, pack it tightly with plenty of bubble wrap, and drop it in the mail. You can’t use enough bubble wrap! We will fill the container with your scent and mail it back to you. We also offer local drop-off and pickup in Carmel, Indiana.


We fill your vintage container candle


    Karma Candles are all natural and handmade, from start to finish and environmentally-safe. They are hand-poured, hand-wicked with natural cotton and lead and zinc-free wicks, and each batch is crafted and measured with care.


    • Up to 1.5 lbs of soy wax 
    • Hand poured in Carmel, Indiana 
    • Cruelty and phthalate free 
    • Repurpose your glass container when the candle is finished